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Release Date: September 29, 2017 Genre: Soccer Sports Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: EA Canada

FIFA 18 marks the return of the popular soccer franchise, and will re-introduce fans to Journey mode, among other features.

 EA have gone hard and fast in late forms of FIFA to incorporate a colossal assortment of top alliances from around the globe. The Argentinian Primera Division and Colombian Primera A have at last made the cut, and other top classes from the J and K-Leagues in Japan and Korea, to the Saudi ‘Dawry Jameel’ Pro League are incorporated into all their transcendence. It’s phenomenal that FIFA takes into account more football fans far and wide than any time in recent memory, yet there’s dependably opportunity to get better, and we’ve chosen five football groups that are as yet sitting tight energetically for incorporation in FIFA 18. Investigate!


Check Fifa 18 System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

So you will think that how Can you Run Fifa 18? There are some few steps by which you can run FIFA 18. You need Intel processor Core i3-2100 3.1GHz and AMD processor Athlon II X4 620. Graphics of this game become more advanced when GeForce GTX 650 1GB is used,  For 3d graphics then Radeon HD 5770 1024MB is suitable. It needs GPU or VRAM 1gb, and system ram is of 4 GB. Fifa 18 Minimum System Requirements needs free space of 15 Gb on your drive. And you can play this game on many operating systems like Windows 7, 8 and 10. For installation DVD is required.

Recommended System Requirements

Now FIFA 18 recommended requirements include the Intel processor Core i5-2550K 3.4GHz and AMD processor FX-6350. You should have GeForce GTX 560 and Radeon HD 6870 for the better and mind-blowing graphics of the game. FIFA 18 requires GPU or VRAM of 1 GB, and system ram is 8 GB.  You should have free space of 15 GB on your hard drive and operating system for this game are Windows 7, 8, and 10 64 bites. DVD is required for installation.

Game Review

Now i shall give you Fifa 18 game review. This Game is one of the best release of the century. In FIFA 18 there are many changes like new attacking moves, Physical player improvement, Better dribbling skills, etc. This game is very exciting and surprising.

First start your career with single player mode. Choose your team and start your career with given players. After this, you can buy many players by winning matches.

First select your club and named it. After this add player in it from different clubs but you have to face difficulty in starting because there are not many players available for your club, so you have to start with given players.

By winning matches, many golds,  silver,  and bronze cards are unlocked from which you can choose players and bought them to your club. Many leagues are there to play so train your players and improve their skills to play in leagues.

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After your team gets ready,  your team can play the leagues. There are many leagues like FA Cup, Champions League, Copa Del Ray La Liga, Barclays Premier League and many others.

You can also ask other clubs players to join your club and to play for your club. If they said yes then you have to pay for them and bought them to your club so that your club is in top position.

So this is the small introduction of the game. Let’s discuss some problems of people while playing this game.

Some people said that they do not know which mode is better to play, so I am giving you the solution of your problems.

First start the game, After this, if you have the account on EA then its good if not then no need to worry it’s just a formality after this you enter in the menu of the game. From there you can choose any mode like single player, multiplayer campaign mode, etc.

So I shall tell you how to play each mode of the game.

Single player Mode – In this mode, you just select your team, and you can choose your opponent also means which team you want to paly. After this, Select the difficulty level and time of the game. Once all done then you can play with the computer, Beat him so that you earn many rewards and points.

Multiplayer Mode –  In this mode you can play with your friends or with other people all over the world. But you need the internet connection to play this mode. Once enter in multiplayer mode you can play with many peoples

Campaign Mode In this mode, You can make your team with your friends and play the match with other teams. Win these matches and earn many points to unlock brilliant players and many other things.

Graphics are really mattered to play the game because some people dislike bad graphic so the graphics of are awesome so that you can enjoy the game.

There is also an option to create your player and use your player in the match. Assign him to a team. Edit his name,  number,  and all other things which are in a football player. So create your ow player and enjoy the game.

How to play the match? 

Do you know how to play the game and what are the strategy to win a game?

If no, Don’t worry I shall explain you Fifa 18 PC gameplay.

Start the match with any team. After this choose the controller whether you want to play with keyboard or with the joystick. Choose a simple controller and start your game. You can only win the game by keeping possession. Means retain the ball in your area and pass it to other with carefully.

Once the ball is lost from you, you may not win the game. So always keep possession. If your opponent enters in your box, don’t slide or foul on him because a penalty is rewarded to them so that a goal is conceded to your team.

So beware of giving fouls. If your foul is reckless, your player will be sent off means he receives the red card.

Free kick also rewarded to you if your opponent fouls on you. Take free kick with the highly skilled player so you can quickly score the goal. Only highly skilled players can take the good free kick.

These are some strategy from which you win the game.


System requirements checker is a website provides authentic information about your PC according to any game. You can also play champions league La Liga and many others by improving your team skills. Win more games to unlock highly skilled player, and after this, you can pay for these unlock players and add him to your squad.

Formation plays important role in game because you cannot play a defensive player as attacker and a striker to the defensive player. So choose your formation carefully so that your team is in right position.

Some skilled players are Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Iniesta, Modric, etc. These players help you to build your squad more efficient. You can not add them to your team quickly, But you need to unlock them, and after unlocking them you need money to purchase them.

Once you paid for them, they start playing with your team. These players are highly skilled and help you to win the game. Each player has its ability. Some like to dribbling; Some like to take free kicks, some like to take the penalty, etc. So use these players to make your team world class, and after this play leagues, you want to play.

Messi and Ronaldo are more advanced and better-skilled players, and you can not unlock them quickly. For these two you have to win some leagues earn many points as you can. After earning required points, you now unlocked them or to purchase them and bring them or him to your club.

Not every club can afford them, so you have to earn points which are needed to buy them. Once they added in your squad, then you have to control them, or else another club will buy him or them from your club.

There are many changes in FIFA 18 like

  • Better crowd.
  • Improved penalty taking.
  • Graphical improvements.
  • Mae your journey.
  • Celebrations.

These are some improvements in FIFA 18 from which gameplay become more interesting and entertaining. Now you can enjoy the new improvements in the game and play just like you are playing in real. Many significant changes are made in this so that you can play it anywhere.

You can also transfer players from one club to another club. So make sure you do the better transfer and make your team world class by adding good players.


Some features of Fifa 18 System Requirements

  1. Amazing sound and music effects.
  2. Great commentary.
  3. Many celebration styles.
  4. Corner system is amazing.
  5. Real manager play.
  6. Awards are like real.

Screen Shots

Check Fifa 18 System Requirements - Can I Run Fifa 18

Check Fifa 18 System Requirements - Can I Run Fifa 18

Check Fifa 18 System Requirements - Can I Run Fifa 18

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